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ETH Zurich


University of Zurich

Group leader
Altermatt Florian
Community Ecology
Bascompte Jordi
Community Ecology
Blanckenhorn Wolf Invertebrate behavioral and evolutionary ecology
Brandl Helmut Environmental microbiology and biotechnology
Eberl Leo Microbial adaptation to natural habitats
Griesser Michael Evolution of family living in birds
Grossniklaus Ueli Evolution of plant reproduction
Guillaume Frédéric Evolutionary genetics and eco-evolutionary modelling
Hall Marcus Environmental history
Hansen Dennis Islands and interactions
Keller Lukas Evolutionary ecology and genetics of natural populations
Kokko Hanna Evolutionary Ecology
König Barbara Social interactions in mammals
Kouyos Roger Evolutionary epidemiology
Kümmerli Rolf Microbial evolutionary ecology
Linder Peter Plant radiations
Lindhorn Anna Evolution and genetics of social behaviour
Manser Marta Communication and cognition in social mammals
Niklaus Pascal Soil ecology and global change
Ozgul Arpat Population ecology and biodemography
Petchey Owen Predictive ecology
Postma Erik Evolution genetics of life, love and death
Reyer Heinz-Ulrich Animal ecology
Schaepman-Strub Gabriela Spatial ecology and remote sensing
Schaerli Yolanda Design principles of gene regulatory networks
Schiestl Florian Evolution of plant-pollinator interactions
Schmid Bernhard Biology of species interactions
Schmidt Benedikt Conservation biology of amphibians
Schöb Christian Plant interactions
Shimizu Kentaro Evolutionary and ecological genomics
Szövényi Péter Evolutionary genomics and ecology of evolutionary transitions
Tschirren Barbara Evolutionary ecology, ecophysiology and immunogenetics of vertebrate
Van Buskirk Josh Evolutionary ecology
van der Heijden Marcel Soil biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
Wagner Andreas Evolution of innovations, genotype-phenotype maps and genomes
Wüst Samuel Ecological and developmental genetics


Paleontological Institute and Museum (UZH)

Group leader
Bucher Hugo
Hochuli Peter Andreas
Evolution of terrestrial plants and ecosystems
Klug Christian Evolution of cephalopods
Sánchez Marcelo Comparative ontogeny of land vertebrates


Anthropological Institute and Museum (UZH)

Group leader
Krützen Michael
Origins and evolution of human behaviour and cultures
Van Schaik Carel
Social evolution in primates
Zollikofer Christoph Paleoanthropology


Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape
Research (WSL)

Group leader
Gugerli Felix
Ecological Genetics
Holderegger Rolf
Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
Zimmermann Nick Climate change and Biological Diversity


Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag)

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